We offer a complete auction service from start to finish with services including the following:

  • Free initial consultation to determine what can be done to help you with your auction needs. We offer live on site auctions and Online only auctions with bidding being done in an “Ebay format”


  • Picking a type, date, time and place to conduct the auction that will be the most advantageous for the seller.


  • Make a complete listing and take digital photos of items to be sold. This will be used for advertising and identification purposes.


  • Prepare advertising and place in desired publications in a timely manner to get best results at the auction.


  • Prepare items that are to sold, clean, sort, identify, and line up in sale order. We can supply the personnel to do this complete job if agreed upon with the seller.


  • Auctioneering, clerking, collecting receipts, collecting sales tax, handling public relations, dispersing of sale items, and overall auction management.


  • Settlement – We supply the seller with a complete detailed list of items sold immediately following the auction. The seller will be paid in full less sales expenses and predetermined leins four working days from the date of the auction with auction company check.